Bom up
There are one fantastic world from some one corner of the world. some animals just have one eye, some plants just have many legs and some monsters just have one header and so on..., you have never seen like this world, it's fantastic and special... the sky is black, and you don't know what's things would fall from the black sky, you wanna know what's existence from the highest, maybe you have no chance to know and that will be always a secret. but the green boy from the world can help you... he just has one eye, he is green, he can jump higher and higher.... maybe you can know some things about the black sky from the green boy... please play this game... this game is developed by Graphic, animation and code, all is finished by dog. if you wanna communicate with dog, you can send email to him, his email is, or you can also add msn:
Control the green boy by your mouse, hit the things from the sky and make the green boy jump higher and higher...
Category:comeon game
Post date:Sun, 08/02/2009 - 21:58
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